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Give yourself a break. Let someone else handle what you don't.

You won’t change the world with online counselling if you’re not marketing to the people you can help. But have you got time for it? Halfhearted efforts on your online presence can actually be a waste of time and money if you're focusing on the wrong things or lack the skills needed to make an impact online.

Unfortunately, for the busy bee, social media, authorship and an effective website are essential in getting you new clients - there really isn't a way around that. But if you're losing money (=not getting clients) not handling this properly yourself, maybe it's time you invest in someone to get it right (=getting clients) for you.

But where do I start?

As seasoned experts in online therapy marketing, we offer many services to attract new clients to you.

It can be hard to know where to start. Perhaps you have no clue what you're doing! Either way, I want to help you pinpoint the things you need to do to improve your online presence so more of your ideal clients can find you. From there, we know what to recommend we help with. Start by clicking the link below to answer a few questions.


Emily has been outstanding in her work with PlusGuidance. She’s a skilled writer, marketer and product manager, always caring deeply for clients and therapists alike. You know you’re in safe hands when Emily is managing your website.
— Nathaniel Smithies, Founder of PlusGuidance
It’s clear Emily has the passion for online therapy and spreading the word about it. I’ve worked with her on content marketing and would jump to work with her again.
— Sam Hudson, Co-Founder of StartupSauce



I promise you that all my posts, articles and social media are created with your ideal client in mind, composed according to your ethical obligations as a mental health professional.

I'm also here to answer any questions about our services and welcome special requests. Just get in touch and I'll aim to respond within a working day.

About Me

MY NAME IS Emily and I created Forward Helping

Since my psychology degree and research on meaningful work, I've been insistent on finding a way to make a difference in mental health through technology and writing. My background in start-ups, marketing and idea development made me uniquely suited to work as Head of Content & Communications and later on Product Manager at PlusGuidance, playing a key role in developing the platform and future of online therapy. I want to use my expertise through Forward Helping so more people will discover more online therapists like you.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!